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Pastor Johannes Reitze-Landau

He was born in Kassel / Germany in 1983 and grew up in a village nearby until he graduated from high school. After a short time of military service he studied theology at the University of Münster and at the seminary of the German confessional Lutheran church "Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche" (SELK) in Oberursel near Frankfurt (Main). After his First Exam he worked as a vicar ("pastor in training") in Cologne and Bonn. Having passed his Second Exam he left his church ministry to follow his wife to Brussels, where he was ordained in March 2015. Since July 2017 he has been the interim pastor of ALCB.
Pastor Johannes is trained in "emergency counselling" ("Notfallseelsorge") and did some post-graduate research in "practical theology" about service and Holy Communion.
His favourite theological discipline is liturgy and he enjoys preparing and celebrating meaningful and festive services. He is also very interested in church history.
Besides taking care of his son and the house and garden, he likes to listen to and make music (guitar, trombone and singing) and he takes care of four thearpy horses of a local charity. You can meet him in the morning riding through the park and forest.

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Our partner congregation in the Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk in België

ALCB is part of the Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk in Belgie (ELKB). The other congregation of the ELKB, led by our Church President Gijsbertus van Hattem, is located in Antwerp.

The church of "Heilige Drievuldigheid" (Holy Trinity) is situated in Tabakvest 59, 2000 Antwerp.
Services there in Dutch are at 10:00 a.m.

Another befriended Lutheran congregation is the "Eglise Luthérienne Malgache" (Lutheran Church of Madagascar). Services mostly in Malagasy and parts in French (there are always friendly people willing to translate into English).
Follow this link to their website.