Worship services

firefox Christians love to worship the triune God Father, Son and Spirit. We don't GO to church – we MEET with the church. We sing and praise, we confess and receive forgiveness, we are served by our humble Lord Jesus in the Gospel and the Sacraments and serve Him in return.
We do this in a traditional liturgy, often with contemporary elements and a cheerful happy attitude:

  • This is our weekly service in a rented church building normally on Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm. This service is liturgical in style. For the singing we use traditional hymns as well as modern songs.
  • Worship Service - Meeting with God


    Quick Overview: What to Expect...

    1. Dress code: Come as you are or as you please.
    2. We like to hang out together after services. So, bring some extra time for fellowship
    3. We are happy to have you anytime and would love to get to know you. Before you join Holy Communion we'd like to talk to you beforehand
    4. Growing in our relationship with Christ is important to us. We put special care and attention to every individual`s spiritual needs through visits from the pastor.


    Address of church building for the service:
    Ave. Salomélaan 7,
    1150 Woluwe-Saint Pierre,
    Brussels, Belgium


    Address of church building for the service in Vossem:
    3080 Tervuren-Vossem,


    Train yourself to be godly.

    - 1 Timothy 4:7