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The material that we offer on this page is sorted under the disciplines that we use in our discipleship. This is work in progress. So, there isn't yet something for all of them. Our disciplines are:

  1. Abide in Christ
  2. Live in the Word
  3. Pray in Faith
  4. Fellowship with Believers
  5. Witness to the World
  6. Minister to Others

Christian Lending Library

We offer Christian books for you to borrow for free. The extensive list has its own categories and can be found on the Christian lending library link on the left side pane or by clicking on this link. Alternatively you may also see the list as a PDF.

We pray that the material will help you to grow in your faith and love towards Jesus. We would love to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. God bless you.


Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.

- Colosians 3:16

The Disciplines

1. Abide in Christ

  • God loves you the way you are (you don't have to first change before God accepts you as His child), but He doesn't want you to stay the way you are. What Lutherans called "renovatio", today more commonly referred to as "spiritual growth", is a life long maturing process. As Christ's disciples (or apprentices) we want to emulate Him more and more. It starts with hating sin and goes on to actually adapt a God pleasing lifestyle. It is God who gives us the desire and the power to do so. This assessment tool helps you to see where you are in your walk with the Lord, set goals for yourself and mature in faith during a simple process. If you wish, ask Pastor to assist you.
    Here you'll find the Spiritual Growth Assessment Process

2. Live in the Word

  • firefoxDaily Time with the Lord The story of Mary and Martha gives a perfect example of the dilemma many of us face. It seems like we are stuck with a choice between knowing God and serving God. Life is simply busy. With work, school, relationships, and ministry involvement, finding time to simply spend with God can be quite difficult. Yet, nothing is more important to our day to day lives than spending time with God. Just as most of us would not choose a lifestyle that neglected eating and bathing, we should prioritize our time with God as such an integral part of our daily routine, that it becomes a deeply embedded discipline. Here you'll find the helpful 2-paged PDF "A Daily Time with the Lord"
  • A great and easy way to dive into Scripture and discovering the depth and beauty can be found by using the S.P.E.C.K. method of studying Scripture. You can use this study tool with any Bible verses, no matter how long or short the paragraph: PDF templates available as A5 and as A4.
  • It's a spiritual discipline to memorize Scripture verses and passages which we practice in our confirmation classes. However, it is a beneficial thing to do for every disciple of Christ. Here's a list of elementary Bible verses, with which you can start and which you can expand as you read and highlight verses in your Bible that speak to your heart.
    List of Bible verses and parts of the catechism, written out for memorization
  • Much insight can be gained by studying Luther's Small Catechism, which explores our believe and practices such as the Creed, Baptism and Holy Communion. Small Catechism
  • There are 40 Days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter (not counting the Sundays). It's an ideal opportunity to read or listen to God's Word. The listening plan that we provide here guides you through the whole New Testment in these weeks leading to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Download the audio of the NT for free: 40 days NT Listening Plan 2013 and Free Audio Bible Downloads
  • Alternatively you may follow the Gospel Project 2013 during Lent (or any time really!). With it you'll discover Jesus' amazing life and character as you go through the four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On the little booklet that you can print here you will find the daily Scripture readings as well as the Gospel Prayer for you to meditate on: The Gospel Project

3. Pray in Faith

  • Sometimes when we pray the Lord's Prayer we go through the motions and once the prayer is over we discover that we have wandered with our thoughts. Or maybe you have wondered what the single petitions actually mean. The following document expands every line of the Lord's Prayer and is in itself a prayer. Over time you can adapt it and it might help you to concentrate and pour your heart into the prayer Jesus taught us. Pray the Lord's Prayer
  • It is good to start and end the day in connection to our heavenly Father. Martin Luther provided us with a simple way of doing so: Luther's Morning and Evening Prayers
  • When asked what prayer most people probably respond with either asking God for something and maybe also to thank Him. Discover all four ways of praying with the acronym "ACTS": ACTS -- pray the acronym

4. Fellowship with Believers

5. Witness to the World

6. Minister to Others


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